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What is a nebuliser, and why do you need one?

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Let’s start off with the first question.

Nebulizers atomize liquid medicine into an inhalable gas form, which can easily be inhaled by infants, toddlers, and children. Along with being easier to inhale, children’s nebulizers cause the medicine to dissipate into the lungs faster, to enter the bloodstream quicker and provide relief sooner.

As the medicine are inhaled by the lungs, it is therefore medicine specifically for airway diseases, for example croup, bronchitis and bronchiolitis, asthma, pneumonia but even an viral respiratory tract infection with airway hyperreactivity.


Who thought of purchasing a nebuliser when you were pregnant? If you did, a big well done to you, since I did not despite being a doctor and recognising that I would need it at some stage!

My daughter had a good start since she was a first child and was healthy apart from the old baby cold until ten months where she got a full in croup attack in the middle of the night (it obviously never happens in daylight) and we had to rush to the ER to nebulise her. I never felt more ashamed, as I reckoned it an expense that I just did not propritize, yet I did prioritize cute outfits that would only fit for one month. I bought a nebuliser that was relatively new technology, not too big and bulky and easy to manage. It still required to be plugged in and the piping attached to the mask or mouthpiece meant easy spilling when an angry little fist pushes the device out of the way (which happens a lot.)

My son had his first episode of Bronchiolitis when he was two months old and since then our nebuliser was always unpacked! If his nose became snotty, he would be wheeezing and breathing fast by the next day and the nebuliser was plugged in and close to his cot. In my head I knew there had to be a more sleek design,something you can use easily in the dark and while they sleep, as the whole process of nebulising can sometimes be more traumatic than the disease itself.

Then I came across Owgels!

I first saw an advertisement by a mom blogger I really adore and respect and I knew she would not be promoting something that she will not use herself.

As the word ‘cordless and chargeable’ was uttered I was interested, and my interest never waned since it is : palm sized, ultrasonic, completely silent, non spilling and just so user friendly without cartridges and wires.

It really sucks when the time comes when you have to use a nebuliser, especially when traveling! But I love products that make the hard or mundane pieces of motherhood just a bit more manageable! As a doctor, I will also be using it in my practice to quickly nebulise patients in my room instead of sending them to the procedure room, cleaning the bulky nebuliser and plugging it in(keeping fingers crossed that we have power #Eskom )

For my friends who are pregnant, you know what you are getting as a gift!

Go have a look at @owgels_nebulisers_sa and get free shipping through this link https://owgels.co.za?ref=27, alternatively use the code WHOLEHEALTHILYXOWGELS.

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