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What are your go-to items for a travel medikit?

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Any mom knows what a mission it is to leave the house with children,especially going away for a weekend or holiday. One laughingly remembers the time prekids when you used to actually sit and make lists of outfits with matching accesories,carefully decant *the* correct amount of shampoo and soaps and actually panic that you forgot something. Now your own packing is literally the lowest of all priorities and it probably gets done in a rush first or last,and the other things screaming for your attention are...

Ok,the normal stuff:kids clothes,toiletries,nappies-can still deal with that. But then! A seperate bag for sleeping aids. A seperate bag for snacks. A seperate bag for car snacks. A seperate bag for the correct plates and cups. Lets don't forget the actual coolers of food for adults and children. A bag with toys. Guys,it gets hectic. So when you are finally done with all of that and actually managed to keep it quite compact,the last thing you want to do is to pack ANOTHER bag with medication. Since,lets be honest,even if you do think you packed everything,you will still need something. You pack an epipen and adrenaline and allergex but forget the actual insect repellent. You pack things for pain but need a bandage. Etc etc!

I have made a list and consulted with various other moms and health professionals to make up a compact easy travel bag! Important to note,this is not a full medical bag that you need in your house but one you can easily take out and about. It is also not a first aid kit primarily,for that I can recommend the one by Dr Carmen Briner,The minikit by One aid.

I am going to group it into categories or systems,since my brain is just wired that way.

So what are the things that can make a trip go awry?

1. Pain

2.An allergic reaction

3.Sudden respiratory illness like croup or a tight chest



6 Sunburn/any burn

I will group the different compartments according to these categories.

Pain and fever:

When going away,I don't even bother with taking syrups. It goes up the bum thanks!Saves loads of space,no green or pink fluid leaking everywhere and much more effective. Double check the dose with your pharmacist.


2.Ponstan suppositories(Mefanamic acid) or Panamor(Voltaren) which are both anti inflammatories. An anti inflammatory and paracetamol can be alternated 4 hourly.

Allergies,itching,allergic reactions:

3.Allergex(sedating) or Deselex or Telfast. (Allergex also great if your kids need help sleeping in a strange environment)

4.Anthisan cream

5.Aspelone. Anyone whose child has ever been sick has Aspelone at home. Confirm the dose. I always take it with in case of croup,tight chests or allergies.

Colds and chest


7.Iliadin nose drops

8.A good nose suction(I love the battery driven ones)

9.Nebuliser with ampoules of Duolin,Adrenaline and Budoneb(if you know how to use them

10.Saline or Hypertonic saline


11.Rehydrate sachets

12.Smecta or Tasectan

13.Reuterina drops

14.Zinplex syrup(not essential)

15.Zofran tablets(if your child weighs more than 10kg you can give them a quarter to half a 4 mg tablet)


16.Plasters and would cleaning agent

17.One bandage

18.Steri strips

19.One triangular bandage



21.Emla cream

22.Insect repellant



This list will still be updated,but in the meantime,I hope it helps!

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