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Vegan millionaire's shortbread biscuits

I have been toying with and adjusting this recipe over and over and finally I am happy with it!

This really is unbelievably good. It is gluten free,wheat free,dairy free and vegan,but not sugar free since it does contain dates but it is at least still refined sugar free! I have to be honest that I do not post a lot of 'healthy recipes' since no matter how 'healthified' something is,it still contains sugar and fat(even if its is the good and unrefined kind) and I have come to find that sometimes if one has a craving,it is better to just eat a small amount of the real deal and get it out of your system once and for good!

I can however say with full confidence that this tastes even better than the original version and everyone who tasted it agrees!Healthy desserts can often be quite expensive as they contain plenty of nuts and nut butters but this one works out cheaper than its original counterpart as well-definitely a win in my eye! Enjoy!


Cookie layer:

100g oat flour

100g coconut flour

60ml honey or a few drops of stevia

60g coconut oil

Caramel layer:

400g medjool dates

100ml water

2 tbl almond butter

Teaspoon tip of salt

Top layer:

100g dark chocolate/carob

Mix the base layer in a high speel blender and press together in a square bowl on some wax paper to lift it out easily.Add the caramel layer and lastly melt the chocolate over it. (Put the chocolate in a glass bowl over a boiling pot and stir until melted)

Refrigerate the entire batch and cut into blocks. Enjoy!

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