• Linda Von Zeuner

So what exactly am I doing here?

'So what exactly are you doing?'...

Is the question that haunts me every single day since I started this new little venture of starting Wholehealthily and it terrifies me!

I am not a food blogger! People, I love food and I love colourful dishes that are healthy, satisfying and creative, but I am not a chef, a nutritionist or a dietician. To be honest, taking all things into account, I am not really qualified to be posting any foodrelated stuff.

I am not a medical blogger ! I love my job so much, but the truth of the matter is that I am not working full time at the moment, nor advancing my studies nor spending an awful amount of time reading up or doing research. So I am not really qualified to post anything health related either.

The truth is, I kind of accidentally landed as a ‘blogger’ and for some reason I hate, nay, detest the word.

So my question still remains:

What am I doing here? And I still can’t answer it.

What I hope to be doing, however, is this:

  • Share everyday beauty and glory in this momentous, terrifying, exhilirating seasons of early motherhood and teach you to do the same

  • Share tools or strategies that have helped me make things easier for me

  • Share knowledge that I believe might make things easier for you that I regard as second nature for myself

  • Form connections with like minded women

  • Support and empower small businesses

But mostly, this:

To prove that health is NOT only:

• the absence of disease

• a specific weight or eating plan

• success in wordly terms


that it extends even further, and that one has the opportunity to make decisions to also be whole and healthy in heart,mind and soul.

This for me is what I hope to achieve with Wholehealthily. To prove: no foods are ever restricted, but a body and mind one honours and loves will be treated with dignity and respect, which includes healthy habits not only limited to eating. That certain habits might be hard but the reward in carries is greater. That a (wo)man becomes that what (s)he thinks. That we are all so human in the end. I am here to encourage, to make life a bit easier and joyful, and hopefully, to inspire.

I don't at all feel equipped to be sharing anything I do, but I am powering throught the doubts for everyone's sake who has given me such amazing feedback and support. You all know who you are and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Most of all, I hope to add value. My self doubts about what I am doing will definitely continue, no doubt. But, I hope my heart is clear in this.   

Whole heart, wholly healthy.

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