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Project 333: My own experience halfway

Those who have been following me knows that I have been doing a fun project called Project 333.

Read more here: https://bemorewithless.com/project-333-challenge/

It consists of choosing 33 items in your closet,INCLUDING shoes and accessories and living off them for the next three months.

It is encouraged to pack the rest of your cupboard away,I did not have storage space(or energy) for that so I just placed dividers between the ‘allowed’ clothes and the off limit ones,I also carefully documented what I am going to be wearing so cheating would have been quite hard!

I have been walking a journey of simplifying my life for a while now and this project had been beckoning to me long before I actually tried it or felt ready. Over the past year I have just been reading more about the after effects of the fashion industry and I made a decision to (as far as I can) buy slow fashion,shop less and shop local from small businesses. I am saying as far as I can since no one is perfect and I will still fail and not beat myself up about it,but the perspective and mindset will not change.

I love clothes,experimenting with different outfits and using clothes as a creative expression. I have always. For that reason I knew this Project was going to be hard after a while,and that was definitely one of the challenges. But,I still wanted to give it a try! I am now just over halfway and would love to put my thoughts in order of my findings so far.

The amazing things:

1. One of the things I enjoyed most probably was no decision fatigue!Quick and easy dressing in the mornings.

2. Reduced mental load and enhanced focus on things that actually matter

3. Less desire to shop.If you know you can’t,the entire desire goes away!

4. The obvious:less consumerism,less waste,less labour exploitation. (4 % of the world’s waste comes from the fashion industry-92 million tons).

5. More cupboard space.More mind space. More breathing room.Trust me,a cluttered environment causes a cluttered mind.

6. You learn what kind of clothes you love and what works for you! I realised that I am just not a pants or tight t shirt girl and I will not invest money in it again!I love dresses,skirts and loose and flowy tops,and it worked out that those were the items I ended up wearing the most-so if I buy clothes again I will focus on such items.

The only pitfalls:

1. I damaged my favourite clothes by overwearing them. Let’s be honest,if you have to choose a certain amount of items to wear for three months you are going to choose your favourites. And it is so amazing to wear something you love every single day,I loved it!But with a mommy lifestyle,I did end up overwashing them and some of them did get damaged,even though it was good quality clothing.

2. I missed being creative with outfits and expressing myself.I did enjoy making different outfits with the ones I had,but it was not entirely the same.

3. I missed shopping! (which is not really a pitfall,as I only shop once in three months or so).I am not a big shopper,I buy myself one or two items every few months or so,but when I do,it is a big affair,I go alone,buy myself a coffee,look at book stores,look at fabrics and make a big thing of choosing the ONE THING I budgeted for.It is also a huge act of self care for myself.

To sum it up,the pro’s outweighed the cons by far and I do think that the fact that I opened a new side line business while I was doing Project 333 is not by accident. I truly believe that by simplifying my closet and putting ‘choosing clothes to wear’ into autopilot cleared my head up and creative thoughts had space to surface. For this season in my life it came at a perfect time and I will definitely be doing it again. I make a point of clearing my closet every other month and assessing where I can donate or where I can put things in a ‘on hold’ box-that I will be continuing(as with every other item in my house).

I am so grateful this crazy idea came about and I will really encourage anyone who ever feels that your mind just feels so full with STUFF,like you have tons of clothing but never feel right and who always feels rushed in the mornings to try it. Or if you don’t feel in a rut or rushed or anything to still try it. We can all do with less,truly.

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