• Linda Von Zeuner

On risk, taking chances, and enjoying the slow scenic route.

So, 2020 has not been the year to start off a side hustle...well, probably not the year to start anything! There has been numerous entrepreneurs who started off something amazing in lockdown and I am utterly in awe! Wholehealthily too a bit of a detour to how I originally imagined it, and while in my Goal oriented/visionary personality wants to label it a failure, I have gained, so so much, even though things worked out somewhat different to originally imagined.

My plans for wholehealthily might have taken a bit of a detour- that is, I don't think I will be producing much more products in the near future as, to be honest, the amount of work and money that goes into it are not worth it for me at this stage (probably cause I also hate marketing) and I would rather work as a doctor, get my fixed salary and use this platform only to add value and share experiences than to try monetize it. I hope it makes sense.

To be very honest, my plan was never to start a small business or so called 'side hustle' in terms of really making an income. I have always used instagram as a creative outlet since the day I downloaded it on my phone, and in the season of early motherhood even more so. The amazing people, brands and bloggers I have come into contact with has been so rewarding, especially in this year of lockdown when all we had were technology to keep into contact and up to speed with products one may need when one couldn't really enter shops. I love supporting and building up new brands immensely, and this I feel, is my role currently, more than anything.

While Wholehealthily was originally imagined to be a food and medical blog (which it still is, and will be) it has changed to share a bit of the things that inspire me, adds value to my life and things I hold dear to my heart. I have had to deal with unkindness online after putting my heart on my sleeve and be completely paralysed to share anything for a long time, but to harden up, deal with it, and keep on sharing, for all the (much more) kind hearts that were receptive to what I had to share. Where it was originally imagined to be something I put active working hours in, it changed to be a quick release and escape from the madness at home, especially in lockdown, creative inspiration, and friendly, heartfelt messages.

So to everyone, thank you. I have intended to give here,but I have just been receiving. While I did not create my perfect medicine kit I can sell or my recipe book (it will still follow), I have finally had the guts to pick up a camera and educate myself more on photography. I have learnt more about a computer(haha!). I have grown my thick skin and learnt when to listen to my hypersensitivity and when to gently tell it to back off.

My whole point in this is: I have always been part of the team of 'perfecting a skill, getting the most qualifications you can have and only then deem yourself worthy of putting it out there.' (To be honest, if it is going to be your main income, I till am part of that team, sorry!)

But if it is a side hustle, a creative outlet, you have something to fall back on, and you have this desire to try something new and see where it takes not-just DO IT. It might work out COMPLETELY different to what you imagined and be infinitely better. This risk (and little money lost) has been so, so worth it and I will do it again and again.

Social media can be a big and daunting place, but you will definitely find so many golden, like minded souls who support you from day one and build you up- and I do hope you do the same for others.

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