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My favourite local brands

Hands up if you want to scream from the rooftops "OK,COVID,wrap it up now!"

But alas, it is the first week of May,we are currently in phase 4 of the lockdown, we are well into this pandemic and somewhat all losing our minds, but grateful for some time out on the streets in the mornings and for more businesses that are beginning to operate. Our numbers are unfortunately still climbing quite steeply and COVID is not budging soon it seems.

Those who know me, know that I love elegant, minimalistic clothes and slow fashion, even though I am ever in between trying to buy as few items as possible and make do with what I have. I had such a good beginning of 2020 with three months of not buying a single thing and purging my cupboard ruthlessly, but all this lockdown cabin fever, instagram ads and sales everywhere are calling forth some ridiculous retail therapy needs!

I want to share some of my favourite local brands, some old-that I discovered as a student wandering through Long street in my favourite shops Mungo and Jemima and Mememe, as a young doctor living in Kloof street and now, mostly through social media.

My aim from the beginning of this year was from now on only to buy clothes from small businesses or second hand,for myself and my kids. Obviously one still buys the odd thing here and there from retail stores but the aim is to minimise that as much as possible!

Without further ado!

My favourite brands-if you need some winter things, please support them! Quality of clothing, timelessness and design are all elements that are very important to me and they fit all the boxes!

1. Margot Molyneux

Quality, timelessness and incredible style. I have pieces from Margot that I purchased 10 years ago and still wear. Incredible colours and fit, and she is just the loveliest person.

2. Alexandra Hojer

Oh goodness. Alexandra is Swedish and the well known Swedish design is visible in all of her state of the art pieces. I have to admit, her clothes are expensive but every single piece I own I have saved up for and treasured and they are all items suitable for any type of day and night, will never go out of style and the quality and craftmanship is impeccable.

3. Take care clothing

Effortless neutrals and loose fit are some of my favourite elements. I purchased a 100% wool coat here in 2012 that is probably the best winter investment I ever made for my cupboard.

4. Elio clothing

I almost forgot about this one as I very recently discovered it and don't own an item, but I love the designs and fabric!

5. Coppelia

I rediscovered this brand recently even though I loved it when I was working as a young doctor in Cape Town. I might have ordered this long sleeve wrap around beige dress which is even on sale now- they completely had me at 'beige linen' and 'wraparound'!

6. Merwe Salt

This is a new brand I discovered through social media by a power duo and I am in love with all of their designs, even though I don't own something as yet.

7. Liv and Light

Ah.This beautiful brand founded by an incredible sister duo literally has me in awe. Through their clothes they build women up by teaching them new skills,empowering them and creating occupations. They are the most genuine and amazing souls and it is the greatest honour supporting them.

8. Anneen Henze

Originally a maternity and nursing brand, but her timeless clothes can be worn before, during and after having kids. Comfort and style is key and I am so happy I never bought a single retail store maternity piece of clothing, a few pieces from her(and the next one on the list) is all you need!

9. Momsy

Another beautiful brand by boss mama and photographer Louzelle van Dyk, nursing and maternity friendly as well as beyond. No need to give up your own sense of style during pregnancy and postpartum, she has got you covered, mama!

These are all the ones I can think of right now. Please share some of your favourite local brands with me in the comments as I love discovering new ones and sharing in the artistry of design and fabric.

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