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A quiet time friendly corner

We have been in lockdown for almost a month, with another two weeks of social distancing prior to that and for me, since three weeks prior to social distancing I had no help at home as my lovely nanny took her annual leave.

Naturally, it was also the time where my daughter decided it was time to ditch her afternoon nap. Now, if you are a mother you will understand how important those naptimes are, not only to get a bit of headspace for yourself but just to tackle that endless to do list, whether it be cleaning, laundry,prepping food, replying to messages or emails, or, sometimes, just ditching that do to list and grab a book or <gasp> mindlessly scroll through social media.

I have never really put toys in her room as I was afraid that it will be a distraction from bedtime, but after an endless naptime battle I decided it was time to add a few things to aid quiet time. Her compactum and rocking chair which was obviously part of her nursery was also moved out so we had a big gap that we had to do something with in her room.

I was looking for a toy organiser that would be neat, clean, practical and that could be used for another space like an office one day, and the Kallax shelf from Ikea was perfect. It could be used standing upright or horizontal, and one can add the storage baskets of which there is a wide variety or leave it open. You can get in from Kids living (online or in store) here .

I organised each compartment into different toy categories for instance puzzles, dress up, blocks, dollies, and kitchen things and I also thoroughly spent some time explaining to her where everything is, if she wants to play with it. The best thing is, that even if the entire room is thrown upside down, it is relatively easy to sort out-as long as all the different compartments have their specific toys inside, I don't really care how it looks inside!

The rest of the space that was open (this was the corner where my rocking chair used to be) I was very excited to gift her with an Lil peanut playkitchen for her third birthday, which I have probably been eyeing for two years now!

I love the minimalistic design, and the quality and service is impeccable. It really is a brand I would recommend to everyone.

Of course, a kitchen needs utensils and 'food' and I asked the grannies to bunch together for this part of the gift to buy her pots and pans and different types of 'food' from Melissa and Doug that I bought online from Little Amber rabbit as well as Takealot, along with a little storage tray I also got at Takealot.

The woven carpet is also from Kids living and the little stool from Checkers.

I am happy to report that she is actually able to spend a good chunk of time in her room when her little brother goes down for a nap even though it had to be approached quite firmly and obviously with rewards. I love hearing her little voice playing in an imaginative fashion. Obviously, some days it doesn't work, a child is not a little robot, but her room is a happy little space and I am so grateful to have been able to put all of this together for her.

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